A Peg in the Hole

”…delicious blend of psychedelia and folk with Indian influences that immerse the listener in entrancing
melodic cosmic sounds.”

”…engaging vocals and trippy visuals that give Good Morning Spider its signature psychedelic ethos.”

”…With a muted hush a fuzzed fusion of inter-weaving sounds emerge from the speakers and caress the ears
with an entrancing wave of transience that has reminders of US West Coast garage melded within wafts of Indian
influences creating something that rests the mind as the listener is taken on a floating journey of discovery.

”…music primarily influenced by New American Folk, with a touch of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. So never far
from psychedelia but distinctively well constructed, spooky songs. This EP is a taster of an LP to come, and I for one can’t wait.”

”This is real trippy!”